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Melvin was born on April 4th, 1981 in Washington D.C., and now resides in Los Angeles. Known as Bernard on the HBO series "The Wire" and as The Bully on TheCW's "Everybody Hates Chris."


Emmy-Nominated Actor Melvin Jackson Jr. and his wife, Kelly Jenrette, are the first African-American married couple to be nominated for an Emmy in the same year. Melvin is the father of 3 boys Melvin, DaShawn & Donovan. He is best known for his roles as Bernard on the HBO hit series The Wire, and as The Bully on the hit CW show Everybody Hates Chris. He most-recently portrayed the legendary rapper Kurtis Blow in the NAACP Award winning BET's The New Edition Story, which had 29 million viewers. He is a talented actor, comedian, writer, producer, director, host, & author of a children's book. Now you may say wow this guy does a lot but when asked "if you could only be known for one thing what would it be?" And he'll quickly reply "to be known as a great businessman period". Melvin started out in the entertainment business at the age of 18 as an entertainment manager managing local artists and as a model.

While still in college Melvin was working on The Wire. He later graduated from Bowie State University in 2005 with a Bachelors of Arts degree. Even though he is now had recurring roles on two of the hottest shows on TV, he continues to stay humble. Melvin also has lived overseas for 8½ years in Islamabad, Pakistan & Ankara, Turkey and won 2 Gold medal in track and field in the 1500m & 3000m and a bronze in wrestling.

Melvin had a recurring role on CW's Everybody Hates Chris which he booked three weeks into him being in LA. The last episode of the season that he did, was directed by Chris Rock, which was a great honor for him. Melvin has created opportunities for himself in Hollywood as well as other states. He has made many friends in Hollywood and is known as a great networker. Melvin refuses to take no for an answer and is determined to be known as a great actor, entertainer, producer and businessman. He has written, produced, co-directed and starred in his sitcom pilot entitled This Is My Life, So Why Are You Laughing? Melvin is writing, producing, and directing a lot projects. He currently has a children's book titled "The Adventures of Jimmy The Fly" that he co-wrote with his wife and is available on Amazon. Melvin is nominated for Outstanding Actor in a short form comedy or drama series for his comedy web series that he executive produced, titled "This Eddie Murphy Role is Mine, Not Yours". Melvin's wife, Emmy-nominated actress, Kelly Jenrette, co-stars and co-wrote. The web series can be viewed on this site or on his YouTube channel "Melvin Jackson Jr Tv".

In addition to the above, Melvin is working on more projects, a full list can be found on this website and his IMDb Profile.

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