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Melvin was born on April 4th, 1981 in Washington D.C., and now resides in Los Angeles. Known as Bernard on the HBO series "The Wire" and as The Bully on TheCW's "Everybody Hates Chris."

Melvin has experience as an ACTOR, COMEDIAN, WRITER, DIRECTOR, AND PRODUCER. He even wrote a Poetry Book!

When asked what he'd like to be known for, his response is: "A Great Businessman. Because Hollywood is a Great Business, Man."

While attending Bowie State University in Maryland, Melvin auditioned for a Public Service Announcement video that was filmed nearby. He followed that up with a role as a criminal on "America's Most Wanted" which re-enacts crimes for television. Between DC and suburban Maryland campus-life is the city of Baltimore, where the famous HBO Series "The Wire" was Filming. Melvin impressed the producers and scored a role as "Bernard" while still in college.

After graduating with a Bachelor's Degree, Melvin moved out to Hollywood to make things happen on a larger scale. In 13 years, he has worked with so many diverse talented people! He has evened-out some of his dramatic roles with standup comedy.

Melvin is available for Product Endorsements, and has experience respresenting Clothing, Sunglasses, Cell Phones, Beverages, and even a SnickerDoodle Cookie.

A recurring role on The CW's "Everybody Hates Chris" (created by Chris Rock), brought more exposure to Melvin's Acting Talents. He had a starring role in the film “Five K One” with Clifton Powell & AJ Johnson, a series-regular on the High-Def Web-Series “Blood Brothers”, and he wrote & starred in a Police Drama titled, “Internal Affairs."

In addition to the above, Melvin is working on more projects, a full list can be found on this website and his IMDb Profile.

Please Contact Melvin's Publicist:
Tonya Carmounche at 424-213-0442
Her email is TCPR4u [at] Yahoo [dot] com


  1. The New Edition Story, BET
  2. The Wire, HBO
  3. Everybody Hates Chris, The CW

  1. Abandoned Act, 2017
  2. Dogg Pound 4 Life, 2017
  3. His, Hers & the Truth, 2017
  4. LA Temptation, 2017
  5. Sex, Lies & the Things Women Go Thru, 2017
  6. Screened, 2017
  7. Til Death Do Us Part, 2017
  8. Q, 2017
  9. Alpine Lake, 2017
  10. Boomeranged, 2017
  11. That's My Brother, 2017
  12. The Price of Fame, 2017
  13. The Overnight Stay, 2017
  14. The New Edition Story, 2016
  15. I Hate LA, 2016
  16. My Crazy First Date, 2016
  17. Be Somebody, 2016
  18. Case 137, 2016
  19. Love Before War, 2016
  20. Lipstick: the series, 2016
  21. Empire After Show, 2015-2016
  22. The Birthright Project, 2013-2016
  23. Black Boots, 2016
  24. The Passing: THe Ghost of Deon, 2016
  25. Happy Hour, 2015
  26. Emergency Contact, 2015
  27. TMI Hollywood, 2014-2015
  28. This is My Life, 2014
  29. Famalea, 2014
  30. Internal Affairs, 2014
  31. A Scandal Skit, 2014
  32. The Jeselnik Offensive, 2013
  33. Blood Brothers, 2012
  34. More Than Meets the Eye, 2010
  35. Five K One, 2010
  36. House Arrest, 2008
  37. After Autumn, 2007
  38. The Mannsfield 12, 2007
  39. The Dog Problem, 2006
  40. Step Up, 2006
  41. Everybody Hates Chris, 2005-2006
  42. Annapolis, 2006
  43. The Wire, 2004
  44. Hack, 2004
  45. The Street Lawyer, 2003
  46. America's Most Wanted, 2003


  1. The Comedy Store, West Hollywood
  2. Flappers, Burbank
  3. Inside Jokes, Hollywood


  1. "This is My Life", Comedy
  2. "Internal Affairs", Police Drama
  3. "A Scandal Skit", Short


  1. "Be Somebody"
  2. "The Single Life"
  3. "Angel"


  1. "This is My Life", Comedy
  2. "Internal Affairs", Police Drama
  3. "A Scandal Skit", Short